Find Probiotic Garden Produce


build healthier plants

save water and input costs

increase yield, flavor and color

boost natural immunity and vigor

grow plants with nutrient density

have safe and beneficial runoff

GRO-KASHI is an intelligent specialty fertilizer, containing specialty nutrients and beneficial life forms. GRO-KASHI is a living product, biologically enhanced through an anaerobic fermentation process, making it different from most powdered inoculates and fertilizers available on the market. Only the best products, which are beneficial to humanity, go into the fermentation process. Because GRO-KASHI creates and nourishes life within the soil, the intelligent soil network allocates food in the perfect proportions to the plant and produce defenses against pathogens like rot and molds.

Probiotic soil using Gro-Kashi
Probiotic soil using Gro-Kashi

GRO-KASHI will transform the way the world gardens. Once the world sees how much GRO-KASHI increases uptake of organic material, minds will completely change. GRO-KASHI takes probiotic gardening to new levels! Meet the soil gardening technique that allows plants to achieve their full potential. Farmers require no more chemicals required when plants are naturally healthy. The runoff from our gardens becomes beneficial for the planet as well!

GRO-KASHI has many uses. Foliar spray, compost tea, soil amendment or top dressing! All these methods will introduce a wide consortia of beneficials into your ecosystem.

GRO-KASHI may be used with synthetic fertilizers and our work has proven GRO-KASHI’s effectiveness in chemical grows for decreasing water and nutrient usage while increasing harvest quality. We recommend completely switch over to natural farming methods. The thriving, amended soil will contain everything a plant needs.